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  World Trade Center  2016
Previz of WTC Raw Model (south-east side )
  CG Train station  2017
A complete CG train & station  was created to match the existing studio train that was located in India.
Fetus  2016
A CG Fetus was created & animated on a super tight budget.
  CG  Robotic Arm / Skin Simulation  2017
A  CG functioning robotic arm was needed for several shots.
  CG  Oxygen Mask & hose  2016
A CG Mask & hose was modeled "to specs"  for an On Demand HBO film.
It also had to interact with his movements throughout the scene.
  CG Head shot    2016
A head shot with an eye exit wound for the 2017 film "Red fish blue fish "
  CG  overpass, - Tornado 2014
Was used in the 2014 film "AIR"
  CG  Dragon  2015
Textured, rigged, animated & composited
  CG Knife /  Skin-  2015
A CG knife & hand was created for the 2016 film "Defarious"
  CG Building- Plane -Debris-  2012
A documentary style scene created for testing
  CG Veins /  Skin-  (Preliminary test)    2016
A preliminary test of veins on a face. (scene was scrapped from production and never was fully developed)
  Action Fx-   2016
   A mix of action scenes & techniques used.
Demo Reel for 2012  (Miscellaneous clients )
More mixed scenes & techniques
Demo reel for  2008    (Miscellaneous clients )
A large mix of techniques & FXS back in 2008
CG Plastic bag  2016
A realistic plastic bag was needed for a short film.
The bag was created with Maya's  Ncloth & rendered with Arnold
Simulation tests (never made it to screen)
Some Preliminary tests of a  slow motion fight scene & a huge wall of smoke that was going to be used in a desert. (both were never needed & never completed.
Object Removal of lower body     2015
An object removal was needed of the lower body. A CG torn stomach will be attached (not shown)
Rotoscope  demonstration  2014
A demonstration of rotoscoping techniques.
  (Miscellaneous clients )   2015
Some really low budget fxs needed & shown
Digital Face Alteration   2015
A more "demonic look" was needed for this low budget film.  The face was tracked & altered using PFTrack.
Object Removals of  all signs, roads, posts, benches , etc..  2015

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